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"How to beat drug Tests"is a comprehensive guide that offers the facts about HOW TO beat drug TESTING and dispells all of the fallacies and urband legends. Authored by Anthony M., drug Testing 101 is the most complete and most trusted personal experience recounts on how to successfully beat random drug tests.

Get first hand drug testing information from a working professional that has consistently beaten with 100% certaintly drug tests for both career related and legal system testing. 100% proven results from 18 month probation random UA program with 100% success and is now publishing his GUARANTEED METHOD on how to beat drug tests. With clinical research and proven results you can be sure not to ever get caught unprepared. Note: Length of retention varies because of many factors, including body weight, metabolism, body fat ratio, and the quantity and concentration of the drug.

Online you can view actual documented case study evidence authored by someone that was subjected to 18 monhts random probational drug testing. This information is gospel. Find out when you will fail and what not to do the day of the test. No this online book does not use DETOXIFICATION or MASKING DRINKS, FRUIT PECTIN, PICKLE JUICE, CRANBERRY JUICE, drug SUBSTITUTION, GOLDEN SEAL, or any of the other substances that DO NOT help beat drug tests. This 101 tutorial provides you with all the FACTS you need to know about drug testing, drug detection times, and PROVEN methods on how to safely beat drug tests.

How To Beat Drug Tests

• The amount of time you need to beat a drug test after last day of toxification.
• What steps to take if you have to test within 24 hrs. of toxification.
• How to correctly use a sauna bath to beat urine tests
• Published research studies confirming how to beat drug tests.

• Clinical drug beating detection times versus actually detection times.
• Testimonies and stories of testing results from Tony and friends.
• And Much More information on how to beat drug tests.

Are you worried about how to beat drug tests? Don’t waste your time or money searching the internet on what MAY or MAY NOT help you beat that important drug test! All the information you have been searching for is now available on-line and is supported by the personal trials of someone who has used this exact information to successfully beat drug tests.

Drug Testing Secrets

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“I read all of your clinical study and wanted to say thank you for the research and access to your studies. Exactly what I needed to know and I continue to beat my drug tests. Thanks for publishing this data!“

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How to Beat Drug Tests Information

There are several factors to consider when trying to beat a drug test. First how long drug toxins stay in a persons body which vary from person to person, such as the analytical method used, your health, your body weight, metabolism, fluid intake, the type of drug toxin, and the degree of exposure to the drug toxin. There is also a variation in detection times between water soluble and fat soluble types of drugs. For example how to pass marijuana tests you will learn is much quicker than the detection times of cocaine or other water soluble types of drugs.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, one of more than 400 chemicals in a the marijuana plant, accounts for most of marijuana's psychoactive, or mind-altering, effects. The strength of the drug is determined by the amount of THC level it contains which varies from plant to plant. Marijuana stays in your system for different amounts of time depending on how often you smoke it, how much you smoke, and the makeup of the individual (weight/height/etc), but there are ways to pass marijuana tests the same day as you smoke. Beating random marijuana tests is fully covered in the UrineTesting study.

Don't let silly legal issues stop you from living the life you want to live. Drug Testing in the office should be illegal and is unconstitutional. You can beat drug testing and stop the stress that comes with bullshit laws. Drug testing has become commonplace for many new job applications, random testing in the workplace, and may be a requirement of various other situations. Various drug tests and testing equipment are used to ensure the elimination of drugs has occurred and that your system is clear. Prior to any drug test it is beneficial to use detox products to eliminate any drug residue that may be in your system. This will allow you to beat a random drug test.

To beat drug tests it is imperative to have a natural and effective solution for the elimination of drugs from the body. Though elimination of usage is the most effective alternative, there are various products available that will detox the body and eliminate drug traces from the body. These products are designed for quick removal of drug toxins so that you may pass a drug test. Urine reveals all the secrets in how to successfully beat drug tests.

Free information on helping to beat drug testing- Given the above information, you may find yourself in need of a way to beat drug testing other than 2 months of abstinence. First off, wateris your best friend. Read the detailed drug detection times chart to beat testing: Secondly, purge your system.Urinate as often as you can before the actual test. The first urine of the day contains the highest concentration of contaminant particles. Some people can't "go" with someone watching. The testers, to speed up excretion, might encourage you to drink as much water as you can. Also, adjust your sleep cycle. Getting up earlier will let you squeezein more trips to the bathroom before the test. If necessary, stay up all night and drink water. Fourthly, use your glands. A good sauna flushes out impurities through sweat. THC and other metabolites are retained in fatty tissues. Any exercise to reduce body fat may help you beat the test.You are aiming to dilute all traces to a level below the cutoff point needed for a positive result. This is mandatory, elementary defense. There are many ways to beat drug tests and recommend all serious readers view the online guidelines which have been used to effectively beat drug testing.

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